RDX, Adult Skipping Rope With Enhanced Ball Bearing Technology Ideal For Home Workouts.


  • Anti slip memory foam handles.
  • Adjustable weighted handle.
  • Ideal for home workouts.
  • Premium ball bearing system.
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The RDX Adjustable weighted skipping rope comes with concealed handle compartments that hold removable weight bar in 6oz and 9.5oz that can be added to build up resistance and develop wrist strength.

Sturdy and effective these RDX adjustable weighted skipping ropes are also fitted with a premium ball bearing system and fine steel to tips which amplifies the relaxed rotation and produces less noise than the traditional skipping ropes.

The Anti-Slip soft memory foam handles are carefully constructed to remain lightweight and skin friendly whilst providing peace of mind whilst jumping rope.

* Memory foam, anti-slip handles.
* Adjustable length
* Adjustable weight
* Premium ball bearing system
* Premium finish RDX branded drawstring travel pouch

Can I get fitter with just a skipping rope?
Yes. Of course you have to consider diet and overall daily activity however if you are living balanced healthy life and wanted to get more active a skipping rope is a great place to start. They are easy to use, and easy to store away making them the perfect travel companion or home workout buddy. When using a skipping rope you are effectively completing a total body workout.

The simple hoping motion you use to jump rope, will positively burn your calves as your body weight is in effect being propelled upward fighting gravity to give you the clearance to allow the rope to go under. The skipping rope will also engage your core whilst also being a great workout for your forearms, and shoulders.

How often should I skip?
As a complete beginner to skipping we would recommend starting with simple 30 second bursts with 30 second rest periods aiming to complete three to five sets to get your heart rate up and blood pumping.

As your fitness levels progress and your form improves, we would recommend gradually increasing the duration and amount of sets.

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