Who are
Buds Fitness?

Buds Fitness is fitness brand with a difference. We believe FITNESS IS FOR ALL and that it isn’t about what you look like, but it’s about what you can do and feeling good within yourself.

Our values

At Buds Fitness, we wanted to encompass this belief and create a gym space which is inclusive, friendly and judgement-free and has a solid foundation, built on our four core values.

A Friendly, Family Environment

As parents to three children we know first-hand how difficult it can be to find ‘me time’. This is why we created our gym to be family friendly and child safe. Any of our Buds can bring their child or children along to their 1-2-1s, their FitFactory workouts or they can book the entire gym and have a private, family gym session where they can all train together.

Mental Health Focused

Following our Co-Owner Liam’s, very personal struggle with Mental Health back in 2021 (which you can read more about here), means we know first-hand the importance of physical exercise and the positive impact it can have on our mental health. Without a few inspirational characters, CPSL Mind and learning to talk openly, Liam wouldn’t be here today. This is why 5% of our total turnover each quarter will be donated to CPSL Mind, and the reason that Liam’s epic event, ‘Deadlifts over Depression’ was born.

Encouraging Functional Fitness

We all know that fitness is good for our physical and mental health and that’s why, we encourage and place focus on functional fitness. It’s not how you look, but what you can do and how you feel that matters. We believe, your children will thank you later for running round after them and creating great memories and that you’ll also thank, you later when you’re able to carry the shopping with ease or you’re easily reaching that tin from the top shelf and that’s why we’re here to help.

Fitness for All

We believe that there is no reason stopping you from getting active. Whether you think it’s your age or perhaps you’re someone who has ‘never been into fitness’, now is the time to start. With Buds Fitness, we wanted to create an environment which would help each of our Buds to overcome anything that they felt was holding them back, as well as helping them to feel good and achieve their fitness goals.

Join and Become our Bud

If you like what we stand for, Join and Become our Bud.

Unit 4, Greystones, The Green, Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5ST

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