RDX Sports, Skipping Rope Aluminium Handle W2 Blue


  • Double ball bearing system.
  • PVC Coated steel cables.
  • Workout guide included.

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Working towards your mobility, endurance, and strength training goals couldn’t get any easier with RDX’s versatile aluminium alloy speed skipping rope. With its sleek design and professional feel, this exercise jump rope could easily be your new favourite gym rope and go-to speed jump rope at your home gym. Great for a variety of exercises, from basic jump rope routines to Cross Fit or boxing training to improve speed and feet coordination. The lightweight, anti-slip aluminium handle design allows a firmer grip without feeling bulky in hand. This facilitates longer routines without your hands getting tired or wrists straining – making our adjustable skipping ropes ideal for all levels. Heavy-duty steel cable with PVC coating is more resilient – built to withstand rigorous use and prevents damage to the internal steel cable due to collision with an abrasive surface. The premium cable wire also prevents tangles and bends so you can build up speed and tempo as well. A high-grade ball-bearing swivel system enables smooth rotation without any friction for rapid skipping without breaking momentum. The Self-locking technology instantly locks the cable into place, which facilitates the quick adjustment of the cable’s length for different heights. Removing the need to cut the rope.

Our Aluminium speed skipping ropes come with a unique self-locking design, so when the 10.3 ft. cable is being adjusted the cable locks into place instantly, eliminating the need of cutting excess wire. It facilitates easy adjustment for users of different heights.

Tangle-free rope provides optimum 360-degree rotation with the help of a double ball-bearing system for stable and rapid rotation. It prevents the cable from bending, twisting, or winding so you can avoid hitting snags in your workout. A high-performance metal rope for any home gym setup – facilitating basic jump rope exercises, Cross Fit routines, and boxing training.

The ergonomic skipping rope handle with non-slip texture, can minimize fatigue of your hands and ensure a firm grip. Lightweight handles fit comfortably in fists without feeling bulky or obstructing movement. This makes it suitable for users of all levels – whether they are competitive training for beginners working out from the convenience of their home gyms.

RDX Aluminium jump ropes are portable and lightweight enough to carry anywhere in their own antimicrobial pouch. Use the included workout guide to try out different easy-to-learn workouts at your own pace.

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