Phoenix Fitness, No Bounce Hybrid Medicine Slam Ball 3kg

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  • No bounce
  • Textured grip
  • Ideal for core training

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A Hybrid, medicine slam ball made from high density rubber and finished with an exceptional textured grip surface this medicine slam ball is perfectly designed to add intensity to your warm up or workout.

The Phoenix Fitness, medicine slam ball is ideal for home use for both adults and junior fitness enthusiasts. Being just 13cm wide and 3kg in weight this will sit perfectly in the palm of the hand of most adults, but will also transfer nicely to be used in a junior workout as they can put both hands on the medicine slam ball to ensure they have a sturdy grip on it.

Used regularly in our fitness studio for many warms ups when doing shoulder or core workouts. With the size being ideal for one hand, you can use them as if they are dumbbells to do a seated Arnold press or simple single arm overhead press. With the medicine slam ball being round you will awaken your muscles and tendons in your shoulders trying to keep them stable.

What exercises can I use this slam ball for?
A few of our favourite exercises when using the Phoenix Fitness Slam Ball at Buds Fitness Training Studio is to do Weighted Russian Twists, Medicine Ball Figure Of 8’s, Single Arm Presses and also sit up and presses.

What is the difference between a medicine ball and a slam ball?
Traditionally a medicine ball is far larger than a slam ball, and made from leather. Medicine balls are designed more so for encouraging more mobility work through exercises such as v-ups, rolling push ups and Russian Twists. A medicine ball should not be bounced as they can bounce back quickly and causing injuries. A slam ball on the other hand is more durable, often made from high density rubber and filled with sand to prevent them from bouncing. This product is a hybrid between the two as it durable enough to be slammed and thrown but it is also fantastic for mobility work outs, just as a medicine ball would do.


Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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