Phoenix Fitness, Yoga Stretch Resistance band


  • 3 varying resistance levels included.
  • Great for use at home or in the gym.
  • Ideal for performing a range of exercise.

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With the three different resistance strength bands (Light, Medium, Heavy) whether you need a resistance band for rehabilitation or strength training.

Yoga resistance bands are a great way to spice up your training whether you need to recover or increase the strength in a muscle. Yoga resistance bands offer many different routines which will target shoulders, back, hamstrings and thighs.

Resistance Bands are inexpensive and flexible bands allow you to stick to your exercise routine even when time and space is limited or even on holiday.

Ideal for Pilates and strength training, simple to use: Wrap the bands around your wrists, arms, ankles and so on to sculpt and tone muscles; choose bands with different resistance levels for different intensity of trainings; you can do almost any exercise that you would do with weights using these bands. Latex free.

From least to most resistance: Green, Grey, Orange.

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Dimensions 6 × 16 × 11 cm

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