Phoenix Fitness, Speed Skipping Rope – Pink

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  • Train anywhere.

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The Phoenix Fitness Speed skipping rope offers you a lightweight portable, fitness tool you can take anywhere. This is a particular affordable and cheap skipping rope, allowing anyone with any budget to improve their fitness. A jump rope for less than £5.

With it’s slender 1cm thick handles, and it’s tangle free rope you will soon be picking up speed with these skipping ropes.

Ideal conditioning for any form of sports, and great for improving footwork and co ordination across the board.

How often should I skip?
We would recommend at least once every other day and if we were to assume you are beginner then we would recommend skipping for 2-5 minutes at a time to start with, before building up the time time and frequency.

What are the benefits of skipping?
It is widely accepted and reported that skipping can of course improve your cardio, and endurance but skipping truly can be a full body work out. You are predominantly going to feel that skipping is targeting your calves, and forearm strength. Whilst these physical benefits are key reasons to skip, it is also good to acknowledge the significant improvement you will see in your concentration levels, as well as your coordination and rhythm which are transferable skills in many sports.

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