Phoenix Fitness, Gym Ball for Yoga and Fitness with Hand Pump Grey 65cm

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    • Exercise Ball, Gym Ball, Birthing Ball.
    • Safe to use whilst pregnant.
    • Multi-Use product to be used in a gym, at home, or even in your office.

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Phoenix Fitness, Gym Ball for Yoga and Fitness is an Anti-Burst Swiss ball traditionally designed for physical therapy, and athletic training to improve flexibility and core strength.

Ideal for building core strength whilst also working on less superficial muscle groups, and more functional muscle groups. They can target muscle groups such as your transversus abdominis which is the deepest of your abdominal muscles and plays a vital role in stabilising your trunk, providing better posture which in turn can in time alleviate pressure on your spine and lower back.

Did you know these exercise balls are multi use? They can also double up as an office chair!

With so many of us spending so long sat at our desk, there is movement towards introducing Yoga Balls to the office environment.

Why? They provide less pressure and resistance than a standard office chair. They keep your body active even when in a relaxed state. Helps engage your core, and keeps you alert. Taking twenty minutes out of your working day to sit on a big gym ball, gym ball chair vs a standard office chair really could change your enjoyment of those day to day office tasks.

Are Gym Balls / Exercise Balls good for my joints?
Yes. a gym ball / exercise ball is will provide a sensible level of resistance as it flexes and moulds towards pressure points. This is why you will commonly see these used for post injury recovery to slowly build strength back into your ligaments and gradually build up pressure on your joints,

Are they safe to use when pregnant?
Yes. You will often see them on maternity wards and they will be referred to as a birthing ball, of course when you are on the maternity ward they are used to alleviate pressure and pain, however they can also prove essential during pregnancy to stay active, improve mobility and also to strengthen your core muscles.

It is said that sitting on an exercise ball (aka. Birthing ball) can help strengthen your stomach and back muscles which will improve your posture. Even just sitting up right on an exercise ball for five minutes, over sitting on an office chair or sofa at home will prove beneficial.

Perfect partner:
When doing floor work with the exercise ball, such as glute bridges or hamstring curls we would recommended purchasing our exceptional Phoenix Fitness NBR exercise mat to help with comfort specifically around your shoulders and back:

Phoenix Fitness, Extra Large Exercise Mat Made From Black NBR Rubber

Weight limit 250kg.
Includes. Pump and Tape measure to ensure you reach the desired 65cm

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 25 × 20 cm

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