RDX, Gel Padded Inner Glove with Hook & Loop Wrist Strap.

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  • Shel shock gel knuckle protection
  • Thermal regulation technology.
  • Extra long wrist wrap support.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified


Tired of sitting on the ring apron, trying to get those hand wraps absolutely spot on before sparring, or some heavy bag work?
Well save time, and effort by investing in a par of RDX Gel Padded Inner Gloves.

The Shell Shock Gel and foam padding protect your knuckles with each punch as it dissipates the shock.

Made from a resilient fabric with no slip grip, a thumb hole for added security, gel and foam integrated padding to reduce shock impact, and thermal control tech to keep your hands comfortable, healthy and dry. This will also prevent excessive sweat getting into your gloves. With the 75cm extended wrap around and Velcro finish you have strong support on your wrists.

Can Gel Padded Inner Gloves be used in sparring and in fights?
When it comes to sparring we would always recommend you ask your gym, or trainer before using, though in our experience most boxing gyms prefer the gel inners to be used as they provide extra protection for both fighters, and are naturally much easier to put on for the fighter meaning no time is wasted in the gym.

Fight night protocol again will be down to the governing body, so we would always recommend you ask in advance of your bout. Most Amateur Boxing, or White Collar Fights will allow gel padded inners provided they are checked in advance of the fight for any clumping in the gel, however when it comes to the professional ranks full hand wraps will be expected to meet the guidelines of the governing body. For example, when fighting under the rules of “England Boxing” it clearly states under ruling:
10.6.1 Bandages or wraps must be IBA approved and stamped, must not be longer than 4.5m (14.76ft) and no shorter than 2.5m (8.2ft) and 5.7cm (2¼in) wide.
10.6.2 Bandages must be made of a stretchy cotton material with Velcro closure or a small piece of tape 7.6cms x 2.5cms (3in x 1in) max.

What makes Gel Padded Inner Gloves better than traditional hand wraps?
Of course, you will read a lot about the convenience and flexibility of these but for us at Buds Fitness the real key difference to traditional hand wraps is that you are guaranteed get the same fit every time. When using traditional hand wraps, unless you are an experienced corner man you are unlikely to get the same fit twice, meaning each time you put your gloves on the protection across the knuckle, and the comfort of your hand will differ. A gel padded inner glove will provide a comfortable and consistent fit every time. We of course accept that there will be traditionalist and boxing pro’s who will disagree, but for us when in and out of boxing gyms we love a pair of gel padded inner gloves.

* Shel shock gel knuckle protection
* Thermal regulation technology.
* Extra long wrist wrap support.
* OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified

** Available in Small and Medium for Junior Fitness

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