RDX, W2 Wrist Straps. Pro Gym Wrist Wrap with thumb loop

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  • Ideal for all Gym goers, Crossfit, Power Lifting, Body Building, Weightlifting.
  • Providing Superior Wrist support.
  • Thumb loop.
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The W2 Pro Wrist Straps are not just approved by many but they also have the approval from the IPL (International Powerlifting League) and the USPA (United States Powerlifting Association),

These 18″ long wrist supporting straps are built with heat control technology and anti-swear properties to ensure your wrists are not only protected, but not over heating and causing your mind to wander. They are built from blended cotton, to ensure optimal compression and heat retention without over heating or causing itching.

These RDX Pro Series wrist straps are Designed with 25% extended stretchability vs rival products, you are able to pull these wrist wraps as tight as you require them.

Handley designed with the Quick-EZ hook and loop it is easier than ever to wrap your wrists.

What is the purpose of the thumb loop?
The thumb look is designed to give the lifter extra resistance when pulling the wrist straps to their desired level of tightness and ensure the wrist wraps stay in place whilst tightening takes place.

Do you keep the thump loop on during your lift?
This often comes down to preference. With no hard and fast ruling at a competition around this, it will come down to how you feel as a lifter. In our experience we would say no. There is no benefit to keeping the thumb loop tied around your thumb once the wrist straps is tight and secure, if anything it could feel restrictive.

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