RDX, Figure of 8 lifting strap

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  • 6 Ply Threads for ultimate robustness.
  • Made from heavy duty cotton.
  • Sturdy construction
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The RDX Figure of 8 lifting straps have hit the market and they have brought us quite possibly the best lifting straps that money can buy.

When we received these at Buds HQ we were blown away with the quality of finish on these figure of 8 straps. The durability is unquestionable and the design looks effortless. Further more, to show you just how much we back these, we have ordered a strong array of colours to allow you to express yourself with your lifting gear.

Figure of 8 straps provide unparalleled support during the most intense of works outs. If you want to be locked into the bar leaving yourself with no need to re adjust or reset your straps then these are for you. Ideal for deadlifting for reps, or completing some really heavy shrugs.

These RDX figure of 8 lifting straps provide secure grip by securing your wrists to the bar, so even if you relax your grip, you’ll still be attached to the bar via the strap. In so many strength sports, you are only as strong as your grip, with these figure of 8 lifting straps your grip will no longer be of concern. These lifting straps will lessen grip fatigue, whilst boosting your confidence in proper execution.

Made from heavy duty cotton with 6 ply threads for robustness, and cross stitching applied for long lasting use these really will stand the test of time.

What are the different type of sizes for?

RDX are conscious that not every wrist will be the same thickness, and depending on your workout demands you may require a snug fit to the bar, or a more loose fitted figure of 8.

Available in 3 different sizes;
Small = 6.5 inch loop
Medium = 9.5 inch loop
Large = 12 inch loop

Please note that while lifting if the strap feels loose add a twist in the strap.

Additional information


Blue, Orange, Pink, White


Large, Medium, Small

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