Playwell, Weightlifting Straps. Lasso Design Cotton Lifting Straps With Neoprene Support Padding.


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    Lasso Design Weightlifting Straps for LESS THAN £10!

    These Playwell Weightlifting straps are an affordable yet essential piece of kit for any gym-goer. Whether you are just a regular gym-goer, or looking to start your Strongman or Powerlifting Journey a set of lasso design weightlifting straps are a must have!

    Made from 100% cotton, and complete with a neoprene pad for additional wrist support these weightlifting straps will be sure to increase your pulls. Whether that be a from pulling a deadlift up to 160kg, pulling a strong bent over dumbbell row, or maximising your strength on the lat pull down machine lasso design weightlifting straps will reduce grip fatigue and improve your ability to maximise your the results from your workout.

    When should I begin wearing lifting straps?
    Our advice on this is very much person specific but we would always recommend ensuring your form is correct first before venturing into lifting straps. We are aware of the benefits of grip, and do not believe you should weaken your grip by unnecessarily using lifting straps, however once your grip is becoming your limiting factor then we would recommend using straps to ensure you maximise your lift for your main muscle group of that particular work out.

    Why use lifting straps?
    The purpose of lasso lifting straps are to isolate muscle group workouts and take tensions out of secondary muscle groups such as forearms to ensure you are hitting your potential with your primary muscle group.


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