Phoenix Fitness, Massage balls (3 pack)

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  • Firm massage tool.
  • Textured surface.
  • Three sizes included.

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The Phoenix Fitness, massage balls are spike porcupine massage balls that can apply pressure deepening in the effected muscles to help ease muscle knots or tightness.

At Buds Fitness, we really enjoy these for their stress relieving properties, and the benefits having these near by at your desk or in your bag, they are so tactile that they can release tensions but just having the spike small ball in your hands.

Excellent for adults and children with autism and or sensory processing disorder. Brightly coloured and physically stimulating to touch, squeeze and roll across the floor / surface with your hands or body.

Comes with three different sizes 6cm, 8cm and 10cm.

What are the key benefits of Spikey Massage Balls?
This type of muscle therapy is designed to targets knots and tight areas, relaxing trigger points and promoting an improved range of motion as your muscles will ease and relax.

When should I use Spikey Massage Balls?
It is our recommendation that you use these whenever you are feeling tight, or feel as that you are hunching slightly. But also they can be used for stress release and can be a nice way shift your mindset. The key areas that we find they come in handy are you shoulders, hamstrings and also. With the massage balls being air filled they squish nicely into position as you apply pressure meaning they can flex to your target areas.

These are what we would consider entry level muscle therapy. For a product that is slightly more advanced at targeting broader areas such as your back we would recommend the Phoenix Fitness Deep Tissue Massage roller:


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