RDX, Heavy Duty Poly Cotton Fitness Fabric Resistance Bands


  • Heavy Duty Fabric Resistance Bands
  • Premium Non-Slip Design Fitness Bands
  • Made From Anti-Wear Poly-Cotton Material

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The RDX Heavy Duty, Fitness Resistance Bands allow you to exercise any time, anywhere with variable levels of difficulty. RDX Heavy Duty, Fitness Resistance Bands are not only functional, but practical also as they are easy to use and easy to store. When not in use, they can individually be rolled into the size of a small pair of socks meaning they can be put away neatly without compromise.

Should you wish to travel with them they also come with a durable cotton zip-up travel pouch.

Sometimes referred to as “Glute Bands” or “Booty Bands”, heavy duty fabric exercise bands are quite often seen used to help with hip mobility, and to strength leg muscles to deepen your squat. But the reason we refer to them as Fitness Bands is they are so much more versatile than this.

What else can you do with a fitness resistance band?
As side from the usual lower body work of, squats, leg abductions and hip extension you can also do:
Seated Bicep Curls
Shoulder External Rotation
Standing, or stead Lateral Pull down
Bent over row

At Buds Fitness we will quite often use the heavy band (21.3-31.8kg) to help with shoulder warms ups with pull a parts.

What makes these better than standard resistance bands?
When RDX put there name to a product you know they are built with quality. The high density, heavy duty cotton materials used means they are built to last, the non-slip lining on the inside prevents them moving mid workout, but for us at Buds Fitness the real winner is the fact that they have a weight indicator associated to them. Too often resistance bands just say “Light” or “Heavy” which can make it hard to measure progress, but also hard to know how many reps to do for optimal performance, where as with these you have an idea of the weight provided on the band in lbs, and below is a converter to make note of, if you work in KG’s.

The three resistance band levels explained.
Light: 660.5mm in length. Replicates 18-32lb (approximately 8kg-14.5kg)
Medium: 762mm in length. Replicates 30-50lb (approximately 13.6kg – 22.6kg)
Heavy: 863.6mm in length. Replicated 47-70lb (approximately 21.3kg- 31.8kg)

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 16 cm

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