Phoenix Fitness, Sit-Up Bar With Adjustable Levels And Padded Ankle Bar.

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    • Adjustable Ankle Rest.
    • Quick Release Clamp, Clamps Under Most Doors And Squat Racks Made from 40-50mm Steel Frame.
    • Workout Your Abs Anywhere!

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The Phoenix Fitness Sit-Up Bar Is Fitted With Adjustable Levels, to allow you to ensure the bar is set to the right height for you. The bar itself is complete neoprene-padded footrests for extra comfort.

If you are worried about using this on a door because you may damage the door, then fear not. Phoenix Fitness have added neoprene padding to the door clamp to ensure that there is not mental on woods damage. Being neoprene padded the Phoenix Fitness Sit-Up Bar will absorb impact between your sit-up bar and the door itself.

Weighing in at less than a kilo in weight this compact sit-up bar can sit comfortably under your bed, or in a draw. Also being lightweight allows it to be handy piece of travel gym equipment meaning you have no excuse not to train whilst on holiday, or working away from home.

Though advertised predominantly are door fitted Sit-Up Bar the Phoenix Fitness Sit-Up Bar will also sit nicely underneath most Amazon free standing squat racks as most squat racks as they tend to be 30-50mm thick frames. We recommended sizing this up first, as the more premium squat racks from MuscleSquad or Iron King will use 60mm mater uprights.

What are the benefits of a sit-up bar?
A sit-up bar is fixed to either your door, or squat rack. By being fitted it allows your feet to remain routed and ensures you do not lift and wobble around whilst performing your sit ups. The key benefit of a sit-up bar is encouraging stability, and allowing you to target your abdominal muscles throughout your workout.

Do sit-up bars work?
Yes. As fitness coaches we often find ourselves at the feet of our Buds whilst completing sit-ups, especially towards the end of sets when they are tired and they are hitting their limit. The sit-up bar in effect replaces the fitness coach whilst they are at home, or in their hotel. It allows them to keep going with their sit ups without wasting energy through having to adjust after lifting through each rep.

How do you use a Door Fitted Sit-Up Bar?
To begin using your door fitted sit-up bar simply slide the doorway sit up bar underneath a door and easily adjust it by tightening or loosening the screw. The end of the bolt that tightens onto the door frame screws into a foam pad to prevent damage the door. You can then rest yourself against the frame, and adjust the bar to ensure it is set to the right height.

Once you have fitted the door sit up bar and put down an exercise mat, simply slide your feet under the neoprene padded bar with your laces flush the bar. Once you are comfortable you will then be able to begin performing the perfect sit ups!

We would always recommend using an exercise mat when attempting sit ups to protect your spine, as well as to ensure you remain gripped to the surface. Often gym wear can be made with slippery materials that can prevent you from staying in one place when completing sit ups. At Buds Fitness we have an exercise mat for whatever your budget may be:

Entry Level Exercise Mat:

Phoenix Fitness, Yoga & Exercise Mat

Advanced Exercise Mat:

Phoenix Fitness, Extra Large Exercise Mat Made From Black NBR Rubber

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