Phoenix Fitness, Ab Roller for Abdominal Training With Phoenix Branded Orange Foam Grip Handles


  • Ergonomic design
  • Non slip grip
  • Comfortable foam grip handles

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Phoenix Fitness, Ab roller for abdominal training. Not everyone wants to have a six pack, but no matter what fitness you are in to, it is important engage your core.

With its foam grip handles, and rubberised wheel you will be safe to perform your ab roll outs straight after assembly.

Suitable for all ages, stages and abilities, the trick with the ab roller is to progressively improve over time. Start out on your knees and roll out as far as you feel comfortable, then set yourself the challenge of going further the next time, then further the next time and before you know it you will be in a position to have progressed from your knees to toes.

An ab roller, or ab-wheel as they are sometimes called are a truly versatile piece of home gym equipment. You can use the wheel to upgrade core strength, improve posture, increase balance, reduce risk of injury, enhance athletic performance, and improve overall fitness.

Ab wheels will also give you great progress markers to show you levels of improvement in your core strength. Whether that be going from kneeling roll outs, to from standing roll outs, or whether that is just being able to extend a little further than last time, the improvements are tangible.

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