Adidas, Hybrid 25 Boxing Gloves Ideal For Beginners Or Bag Work


    • Adidas Entry Level Boxing Gloves.
    • Available in both 10oz ONLY.
    • Designed For Beginners.
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Beginner Boxing Gloves by Adidas.

The Adidas Hybrid 25 Boxing Gloves are an ideal entry level into boxing for beginners. Affordable, Effective and A Brand you can trust. These Adidas Hybrid 25’s are 10oz gloves that will protect your knuckles, and support your wrist during pad or bag work.

Optimal Shock Absorption around your knuckles with its pre-moulded foam padding that runs from the strap to the finger tip.

Moisture management material used on the underside of the glove helps prevent odour and heavy build up of sweat.

Can I use Adidas Hybrid 25’s on a heavy bag?
Yes. 10oz gloves are traditionally built for a lighter weight boxer, however if you are looking at including bag work into your home gym workouts then these Adidas entry level boxing gloves will hold up perfectly fine.

Can I use 10oz glove in a charity boxing match?
No. Quite often charity boxing events will insist you wear 16oz gloves throughout the training camp as well as on fight night. We would always recommend you speak to the fight night event promoter, as there is no hard and fast rule to this and just recommended guidance.

If you are a more experienced boxer or looking for something more heavy hitting we would recommend the RDX F7 Boxing Gloves:

RDX, F4 Boxing Gloves – 16oz – Black and Blue

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