RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts. Anti Slip with Palm Dome Technology. Black and Blue


  • Maximum performance.
  • True comfort
  • Ultimate longevity.

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The focus pads designed to take strikes in boxing, mma, muay thia and karate.

These RDX T1 Focus mitts are built with 5 layers, that have been formed to maximise the performance and longevity.

Ideal for both coach and athlete with performance markers that will support both.#

1. May Hide Construction – Durable May Hide construction throughough.
2. SpongeX – Provides added resistance when met with high-intensity force.
3. EVA-Lution Foam – Advanced expanding form that absorbs and distributes impact evenly across the surface.
4. Polygonal Fusion Foam – Machine-made interior polygonal curvature aligns itself in between the padding for heavy shock absorption.
5. Palm-Dome – A ball inside the focus mitt built to assist in catching the heavy strikers, giving your athlete enough resistance to train both power and speed combos.

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Weight 8.95 kg
Dimensions 14 × 25 × 30 cm

Black / Blue

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