RDX, T1 Curved Focus Mitts. Anti Slip with Palm Dome Technology. Black and Blue

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Premium Maya Hide Leather Focus Mitts with numbered targets and both EVA-Lution and Polygonal Fusions foam layers for enhanced force diffusion.

Made with both coach and striker in mind. The RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts are designed with a palm done design on the inside, that allows the palm of the coaches hand to wrap around a dome shaped sponge to ensure the focus mitt is securely fastened in place.

Can these focus mitts be used for mauy thai?
They can, these focus mitts are curved, and also provide wrist support for the coach which means the pads will safely withstand striking from all combat sports including. Elbows, Punches and Kicks making them suitable for MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ, Karate and Boxing.

Why is a curved design focus mitts, better than a flat focus mitt?
A curved design focus mitt support natural punching ergonomics whilst helping to improve accuracy for more effective training. The curve design also allows for space on the rear of the focus mitt for a generous amount of padding for optimal wrist support without tilting.

What is EVA-Lution Foam?
EVA-Lution foam is the advanced expanding form that absorbs and distributes impact evenly across the surface.

If you have a home gym, or small fitness studio that enjoys marching sits RDX do supply the RDX F4 Boxing Gloves are the perfect set: 

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Weight 2.50 kg
Dimensions 14 × 25 × 30 cm

Black / Blue

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