Rival, RPM7 Boxing Focus Mitts. Red Striking Zone


    • Clear Striking Zone, With Curved Pad.
    • Hook And Loop Wrist Support.
    • Made From Ultra Durable


Rival RPM7 Focus Mitts, with red striking zone and blue hook and look system.

Sharing the same durable material as the popular Rival RB7** Boxing Gloves, fight gym essential Rival RPS7* Boxing Shield the RPM7 Focus mitts will withstand the heaviest handed boxers.

The benefits to the fighter is the contrasting colour to the fascia of the striking zone makes the desired striking point clear. With its red surface and clear white and blue circle marking the target no matter the fatigue of the fighter, they can see where the punch should be landing.

The curved striking zones are designed to provide comfort for both fighter and coach, ensuring reduced impact touch points, and curving the focus mitt to the glove of the fighter.

Designed not only with the fighter in mind, but also the coach. Enhanced wrist protection with supportive padding on the rear of the focus mitt as well as being a comfortable secure fit with its simple but effective Hook and Loop closure system.

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