Rival, RPS7 Boxing Shield & Punching Cushion. Red & Blue Sides


    • Durable and Flexible To Use.
    • Two tone, (Red & Blue) Striking Zones.
    • Versatile and Supportive For Both Boxer & Coach.
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Rival RPS7 Boxing Shield & Punching Cushion, comes with padded easy grip handles for increased holding comfort.

Ultra lightweight, easy to hold and durable the Rival RPS7 Boxing Shield has it all. Made from the same material as the high grade Rival Boxing Gloves the RB7*, and the RPM7** Punch Mitts and finished with dual lock stitching that includes lace fastening.

With a boxing shield & punch cushion you have the advantage of having two striking sides meaning that you can keep rotating the shield to ensure that one side doesn’t get depleted over time. With over 3″ of shock absorbing padding on the red side the Rival RPS7 Boxing Shield feels incredibly satisfying for the fighter to strike, but also absorbs so much of the impact that the coach can take the thunderous shots all day long.

At Buds Fitness we absolutely love using the Rival RPS7 Boxing Shield for combinations with our buds. The comfort of holding the cushions for uppercuts particularly is undisputed. You are able to have your forearm run the length of the cushion, whilst holding both handles which provides epic resistance to the person throwing the punch but ultimate support for the trainer.

Are Punch Cushions suitable for beginners?

Yes we would recommend punch cushions at ALL LEVELS. Though often the shots you will throw as a beginner will be well suitable to focus mitts, a punching cushion can provide a larger individual surface to hit making it more comfortable for the boxing and trainer.

Key benefit to punch cushions over focus mitts?

We would recommend including paddles, focus mitts and punch cushions within your training camp. The benefits specifically aligned to Boxing shields (punch cushions) come mainly in the versatility and level of punch resistancy. When working on a combination that incorporates jabs, crosses and upper cuts. On a pair of focus mitts your coach may not be able to match your hand speed but with a punch cushion it is easier to twist and move into positions.

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