Playwell, Boxing Pro Punch Paddles & Kick Pads


    • Extremely Durable.
    • Ideal For Training Hand Speed.
    • Safety Wrist Loop Making Paddle More Secure On Impact.
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The Playwell Boxing Pro Punch Paddles, are ideal for training a fighters hand speed. The design of punch paddles are lightweight and flexible meaning it keeps the coach in the safe zone, whilst allowing the fighter room to work on footwork during combinations.

With the flexibility of these punch paddles it reduces the risk of injury as their is the paddle will respond to the punch rather than applying resistance to the punch as can happen when carrying out pad work drills on focus mitts.

Made with high-quality faux leather, these pro punch paddles will withstand the hardest of training sessions. The paddles it’s self comes with a vibrant red target spot on one side, and Playwell branding on the other meaning the offensive fighters has a target to aim for, At the bottle of the paddles handle, their are wrist loops attached which allows the coach to ensure the paddles remain held firmly throughout the workout.

Playwell are traditionally a Martial Arts brand who were founded in 1995. With almost 30 years of experience Playwell know a thing or two about focus mitts so you can trust the design and quality of this product.

What are the benefits of using paddles over focus mitts?
For us here at Buds Fitness it isn’t a case of focus mitts OR Paddles, we would always recommend incorporating both with in your partnered boxing workouts. Where focus mitts gives you the intensity and closely mimics the fight night contact from throwing the punches, boxers in particular can get carried away with throwing with spite and venom on focus mitts, but paddles are designed to work on agility, hand speed and combinations.


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