RDX, 16oz F4 Boxing Gloves Ideal Sparring Gloves in Black and Blue

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  • Kalix Skin Mayahide leather exterior.
  • Quick EZ Hook and loop system.
  • TAKA Closure Strap System.

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RDX F4 Boxing gloves, are ideal for sparing, or heavy bag work. Built to last with rear resistant Kalix Skin Mayahide leather exterior.

Extremely Durable, Supremely Comfortable. Enhanced Grip, Perfect Fit with the Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop wrist strap and taka closure system. The adjustable, elasticated straps are designed to deliver a tight fit whilst allowing you to quickly adjust it for optimum comfort. You can feel secure in your training sessions knowing these boxing gloves will protect a fighters main physical asset!

Extra Wrist support for perfecting your punch technique requires the right form. To maintain proper form can be challenging when your wrists need more support – until now! RDX F4 Sparring gloves with the Taka Closure System offer extra wrist stability so honing in on generating power will come more natural.

The RDX Boxing Glove Features Explained:

What Is Denzo-Tron Foam? Denzo-Tron Foam is the foam constructed cylinder that has been fed into the palm of the gloves to help align your fingers to optimised your knuckle positioning within the glove.

What is S.P.P Ventilation? S.P.P™ is the sweat wicking method designed for the palm of the gloves to reduce sweat and to provide air flow when sparring, doing bag work or mitt work.

What is the Taka Closure System? Found at the strap of the RDX F4 Boxing Gloves, the Taka Closure system has an elasticated fabric which is attached to the closure strap, helping provide a secure fit and allowing optimal adjustment.


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