RDX, F7 Boxing Gloves. White and Blue


  • Mesh palm design to wick away moisture to keep hands dry and healthy.
  • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop for a snug fit and easy size adjustment.
  • True luxurious feel with it’s secure fit.

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RDX boxing gloves are ideal for sparring and bag work. These stunning F7 ego boxing gloves are made from durable Maya Hide leather, they are built to take punishment.

These RDX training gloves are finished with S.P.P™ Ventilation system is designed to reduce sweat to keep your hands cool during the most heated of sparring sessions or rigorous punch mitt drills.

Containing shell shock gel equilibrium sheet, triple padding for maximum shock resistance your hands will remain protected throughout your working out.

Quick-EZ Hook-and-loop, adds a supported elastic guide between the palm and your wrist which provides the punches with a snug fit, and prevents the glove from slipping.

Enhanced wrist support built in which will aid your punching form, whilst protecting your prized assets as a fighter.

What is S.P.P Ventilation?
S.P.P™ is the sweat wicking method designed for the palm of the gloves to reduce sweat and to provide air flow when sparring, doing bag work or mitt work.

Buds Fitness F7 Boxing Glove Review:
As you will see from the images within the carousel we actually use these exact RDX boxing gloves in our own personal training studio, as well as in our local fitness class. This has in turn lead to our buds being in a position to recommend these gloves to buy. The feedback that we often receive from our buds is that their hands feel suitably protected, and they are often surprised by how comfortable they regardless of whether they are being used on the mitts, or our RDX punchbag.

With these exact gloves, we use the below mitts so if you wanted to get the perfect partners for your gym then please follow the link:

RDX T1 Curved Focus Mitts. Anti Slip with Palm Dome Technology. Black and Blue

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 42 cm

White Blue



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