TUFF WRAPS, Tuff Velcro Weight Lifting Straps

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    • Ideal Weight Lifting Straps for beginners.
    • 7″ Velcro Strap with Neoprene Wrist Support.
    • 8″ Nylon Strap.

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The BEST beginner weightlifting straps.

For us at Buds Fitness, though the lasso lifting straps (link at the bottom of description) are arguably more common place at higher level strength competitions, if you are just starting your strength journey and looking to progress your lifts that are being limited by grip then a pair of TUFF WRAPS, Tuff Velcro Weight Lifting Straps are for you.

These TUFF WRAPS, Tuff Velcro Fastened Lifting Straps are absolutely perfect for shrugs, or farmers walks as the 8″ Heavy Duty Nylon strap drop vertically from where you position the strap to do so, meaning it is aligned for perfect wrapping.

They are designed with comfort in mind, as the neoprene padding will provide comfort across your wrist and the weight pulls the lifting straps tighter under tension.

A weight lifting strap made from nylon material will be more budget friendly than most leather weight lifting straps, whilst being more durable than the cheaper to buy cotton based weight lifting straps which makes these Nylon Based Velcro Fastened Weight lifting straps are both durable and affordable.

We wouldn’t recommending using these weightlifting straps for pulling events above 130kg, however they truly are exceptional for dumbbell shrugs, kettlebell farmers, and cable letteral pull downs.

Would you like prefer a pair of lasso lifting straps?

TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps With Neoprene – All Black

Or Figure of 8 weight lifting straps?

TUFF WRAPS – Tuff Figure 8 Lifting Straps, Available in Standard or Axle.

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