RDX, Original 6″ Adjustable Weightlifting belt with lumbar back support


  • Intelligent contoured design.
  • Optimal lumbar support.
  • Timeless design.
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RDX, Original 6″ Adjustable Weightlifting belt with lumbar back support is ideal for body builders, powerlifts, strongman / strong women athletes and any strength athletes who perform deadlifts or squats on a regular basis. Ideal weight lifting belt for women, and Ideal weight lifting belt for men. This is a truly versatile design that is traditional and timeless.

Made from genuine cowhide leather, with 7 mm thickness this timeless RDX original weightlifting belt maximizes internal core stability and abdominal pressure.

All RDX deadlifting and powerlifting belts feature contoured design that enables you to perform without any hindrance of mobility. They help supporting you whilst you perform your movement.

One thing you can always trust RDX with is, that they will never compromises on quality. The outer oil-tanned genuine cow hide leather and inner premium suede leather add exceptional durability and resilience to this gym lifting belt. The adjustable roller buckle and the dual prongs are constructed from industrial-grade steel to outshine your intense workouts. These ensure they prevent the deadlift belt from slipping and keep you focused in the fitness game.

Providing optimal lumbar support these RDX weightlifting belts feature a 6-inch wide sponge back, providing a total of 18mm in padded back support. Ensuring phenomenal lumbar support.

The dual-pronged buckle can be adjusted on any of the 10 precision-drilled holes for an optimal fitting of this weightlifting belt. In or to not compromise on comfort, and to prevent buckle pinching, on the RDX original weightlifting belt, RDX have added leather flap which honestly makes a big difference.

These belts are designed to be used in many gym and strength related settings, including but not restricted to:
* Powerlifting.
* Strongman.
* Olympic lifting.

Ideal for deadlifts, squats, carrying events, overhead press etc. etc.

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Weight 4.75 kg
Dimensions 15 × 41 × 5 cm

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