RDX, Weight Lifting Belt and Back support. RDX, RX3 Series With Auto Lock

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  • Hook & Loop Closure, Tension Lock Technology
  • Nylon Strap Strength – Durable and extremely strong providing extra security
  • Triple layer support
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RDX RX3 Auto-Lock Weight Lifting Belt providing the lifter with unparalleled support, stability, and performance enhancement.

With its intelligent contoured designed provides optimum comfort during squats, deadlifts and overhead press. Uniquely designed to fit the natural shape of your body whilst provide optimal lumbar support.

An astonishing 6.5 inches of lumbar support truly sets the RDX  RX3 Series apart from most tradition weightlifting belts.

Available in many sizes, and colours.

What makes the RDX RX3 so special?

The auto lock.
With an iron roller buckle, and tension lock, the auto-lock function keeps the belt in place and offers the perfect grip and tension around your waist and lower back ensuring the belt remains taut and prevents slipping.

The triple layer support.
1. Compressed Eva-Lution sheet, is an infused shock depression sheet to provide protect throughout your lift.

2. Sponge X Density Impact Absorbing Foam, reducing the side effect of impact during lifts.

3. Black Top Fabric layer, provided for comfort.

What size is right for me?
Do not base your measurements off of your trouser waist size. Grab a tap measure and measure around your belly button. Then below we have provided a rough guide as to the size you should purchase 🙂
28″ (71cm) – 33″ (84cm) = Small
33″ (84cm) – 37″ (94cm) = Medium
37″ (94cm) – 41″ (104cm) = Large
41″ (104cm) – 48″ (122cm) = Extra Large

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Black, Blue, Pink


Extra large, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small

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