Playwell, Traditional Weightlifting Belt With Adjustable Buckle & Steel Roller


    • Designed To Provide Lower Back Support
    • Ideal For Beginners
    • Traditional Weightlifting Belt
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Traditional design weightlifting belt with 9-hole adjustable buckle & steel roller locking mechanism.

This belt is ideal for beginner lifter who are looking to build new big lifts. The 9 different size settings, makes finding the perfect fit is seamless. The non-pinch buckle flap will ensure comfort throughout every lift.

A Weight Lifting Belt is not limited to a single workout style. From traditional weightlifting, bodybuilding, engaging in cross-fit, Strongman, Powerlifting or pursuing general fitness goals, a traditional weightlifting belt is designed to support you through your fitness journey.

Constructed with High Grade Cowhide, high-quality foam padding for additional lumbar support and finished with a smooth suede internal finish, this belt combines traditional design with modern day comfort all while reducing risk of injury.

How do you measure for a weightlifting belt?
Always measure for a weightlifting belt where you expect the belt to sit, so across your lower back and around your belly button. This may sound pretty obvious but sometimes people will order a belt using the measurements from their trousers and this is incorrect.

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