TUFF WRAPS – Tuff Figure 8 Lifting Straps, Available in Standard or Axle.


    • Designed to withstand 600kg+
    • Enhance your deadlift performance
    • Reduce grip fatigue
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Figure of 8 Weight lifting straps – The ultimate cheat code to improving your deadlift for reps. Figure 8 lifting straps can decrease your premature grip fatigue by up to 40% and that is no joke.

Designed with a double-loop around your wrists, these straps help lock you into the bar or dumbbells you’re lifting. They are built with a heavy-duty strap which makes these both strong and comfortable.

The TUFF Figure 8 Lifting Straps allow you to grip the bar without any interference from the straps. They are designed to fit any wrist, the reason for the two different size is dependent on the bar you are going to be using.

For a regular deadlift bar or 1″ wide bar you will be absolutely fine with the Regular straps. However if you have an Axle bar at your gym, in your next Strongman competition we would thoroughly recommend the Axle Bar figure of 8 straps, as they provide a larger diameter to ensure

How to use Figure 8 Lifting Straps
1. Slide a singular side of the 8 up your wrist.
2. Hold it vertically, creating the 8.
3. Line the centre of the 8 across the bar.
4. Put your hand though the bottom of your 8, leaving the bar across the middle of your 8.
5. Position strap to the outside of your little finger on both hands.
6. Grip the bar tight.

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