RDX, Lifting Straps. Ideal Weight Training Lifting Straps With Padded Wrist Support

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  • Includes Grip Flex™ wrist pad – creates traction between your hand and the bar
  • High-quality cotton-built – durable, long-lasting and helps with sweat absorption
  • 20.5” length, 1.5” width – comfortably fits into your palm
  • Sweat wicking properties – Elastic and Cotton blend assists with keeping your grip as dry as possible
  • Uniquely designed for a strong grip
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Best lifting straps for beginners. No gimmicks. No thrills.

These high quality RDX weight training wrist straps are your best friend when it comes to pulling your deadlift personal best. Easy to use, and easy to roll up into your sports bag. There really is no excuse for not having a pair of RDX weight training wrist staps.

We believe that the lasso design with neoprene cuffs are the best liftings straps for beginners. The reason for this is simple. . . They are really easy to use, and they a comfortable. The cuff on these weight lifting straps come with neoprene anti-slip grip wrist pads to help reduce sweat and increase comfort meaning you should be in the best position to achieve your best results.

In order to get the best out of our lifting straps, they are designed to get your wrist as close to the bar as possible. Cut out any slack that may form during a work out. This is why quite often when you see a deadlifts for reps event, you will see the lifter re wrap the straps to the bar throughout their event to ensure they are tight to the bar. Weightlifting straps NOT a substitute for grip.

What can you use these lifting straps for?
This design of lifting straps is commonly referred to as lasso lifting straps and are traditionally used when completing heavy deadlifts, weighted farmer walks, lat pull downs, pull ups etc.

When should I begin wearing lifting straps?
Our advice on this is very much person specific but we would always recommend ensuring your form is correct first before venturing into lifting straps. We are aware of the benefits of grip, and do not believe you should weaken your grip by unnecessarily using lifting straps, however once your grip is becoming your limiting factor then we would recommend using straps to ensure you maximise your lift for your main muscle group of that particular work out.

Why use lifting straps?
The purpose of lasso lifting straps are to isolate muscle group workouts and take tensions out of secondary muscle groups such as forearms to ensure you are hitting your potential with your primary muscle group.

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