TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Dual-Ply Lifting Straps


    • Available in two lengths.
    • Dual-Ply (double material layer)
    • Reinforced stitching to secure loop.
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The TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Dual-Ply lifting straps were designed and tested by the athletes lifting in the Strongman Champions League. These will not fail you.

These dual-ply lasso design lifting straps are made up of two layers of heavy-duty cotton canvas and sewn together to add double the strength. The material selected by the athletes who helps TUFF WRAPS designed these to grip the knurl on the the bar with a longer straps. This improve bar coverage, which makes them ideal for Axle bars.

Every detail on these exceptional lifting straps has been considered, right down to the way the edges are sewn to prevent long-term fraying.

They say, buy cheap. Buy twice. Sure you could pick up a cheap pair of lifting straps on Amazon for £10 or less, but these TUFF Dual-Ply Lifting Straps will be an investment in your lifting and give you every confidence in your heavy lifts.

What does Dual-Ply Lifting Straps mean?
The term dual-ply can often be referred to as two-ply or dual-ply and is indicating the layers of cotton within the construction of the lifting strap. With these being dual-ply they are in effect two times as thick as ordinary lifting straps, so here by will take 2x the load, and last twice as long. We would fully recommend investing in some dual-ply lifting straps if you are chasing some seriously heavy number.

Why use lifting straps?
The purpose of lasso lifting straps are to isolate muscle group workouts and take tensions out of secondary muscle groups such as forearms to ensure you are hitting your potential with your primary muscle group.

Additional information


Standard, Axle

Size Length Width Thickness Ideal for
Standard 25" 1.5" 0.23" Standard Barbell, Thin Farmers
Long 27.5" 1.5" 0.23" Axle Bar, Fat Bar Farmers

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