TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps. Checkerboard Design


    • Checkerboard Design.
    • Neoprene cushion wrist support.
    • Reduce grip fatigue.

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Having seen some deadlifters in my time wearing vans, to provide a flat base to lift from these checkerboard design lifting straps excited me instantly. Straps to match your shoes? Geeky Fact for you. Did you know that the Checkerboard Vans were actually first made famous in the 1980’s?

Maybe these could be a reminder of the shoes you once loved. Anyway, onto the quality of these lifting straps.

TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are made with heavy duty stitching to strengthen the strap and make it last longer than the competition.

The increased contact with the bar helps to improve grip strength and it does so without compromising any feel for the bar.

An added neoprene pad provides you with comfort while lifting those heavy lifts.

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