RDX, W2 Weight Lifting Straps – Lasso Design Lifting Strap with Non-Slip rubberised grip.

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  • Approximately 23.5” length, 1.5” width.
  • Non-Slip rubberised grip.
  • Padded Wrist Support


The RDX W2 weight lifting straps are almost essential for those who are looking to hit deadlifts personal bests or want some light hand relief when doing farmers handle carries or any work on a trap bar.

RDX are a brand known for their durability and the wrist straps are near on indestructible, made of high quality cotton, and finished with a silicone GRIP-X grip to make these truly non slip.

Being made from 100% cotton, they come with sweat wicking properties that allows you to feel confident that the grip wont give up during your heaviest of workouts

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