TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps With Neoprene – All Black

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      • Entry-Level Lifting Straps.
      • Neoprene Padded Wrist Support.
      • Reinforced Stitching For Added Durability.

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The entry level TUFF WRAPS Lifting Straps. These TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps are a lasso design lifting strap which are the perfect companion for cable pulley machines, and most dumbbell row motions. They are made with heavy-duty stitching to strengthen the strap and make it last longer than the competition.

The increased contact with the bar helps to improve grip strength and it does so without compromising any feel for the bar. With it’s comfortable 15cm long neoprene pad provides you with comfort while lifting through the weights.

Reinforced at every point, and carefully sewn off at the edges which not only increases it’s durability but will ensure they are secure.

As with all weight lifting straps these are old in pairs.

TUFF WRAPS themselves have These are rated these to a maximum weight of 300lbs (140kg). So if you are looking for a lifting strap that supports more weight, they would recommend going towards the Dual-Ply Lifting Straps which are below:

TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Dual-Ply Lifting Straps.



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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 20 cm

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