Myga, Cork Massage Ball. Trigger Point Massage Ball


    • Available In 5cm & 10cm
    • Made With Environmentally Friendly Material.
    • Targeted relief.
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Why not treat yourself to targeted relief with the Myga Cork Massage Ball. This multipurpose trigger point massage ball will provide deep relief and help you loosen tension and knots in areas you didn’t event know had tension. A Cork Massage Ball is lightweight, which makes it perfect to pop in your gym bag for a pre or post-workout massage.

A Cork Massage Ball is an eco-friendly and vegan-friendly choice. The sustainable design is perfect for anyone looking to use products with low environmental impact.

Having a muscle massage ball is a great way to provide some home therapy perfect for massaging those tight and knotty muscles post or pre workout.

Massage balls are a great way to calm your nervous system, and will in time improve your movements and reduce the risk of muscle tears.


Available in 5cm, or 10cm.


What size massage ball should I use?
We would always recommend using the 5cm (Size of a golf ball) for hands, feet, calves, forearms, neck and smaller muscle groups. The 5cm ball works really well for point to point and localised muscle tension and release.

Our 10m ball is designed more so for larger surface areas. Area’s such as shoulders, back, outer and inner thighs.

How do you use the Cork Massage Ball?
This will depend on the pressure you are looking to apply. If this is your first time we would recommend by starting by using your hand to apply to area in a circular motion. Once you are comfortable with this pressure, you can progress to placing your ball against a wall, before you progress placing the ball on a flat floor surface.

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10cm, 5cm

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