Phoenix Fitness, Freestanding Punchbag. 5ft 9inches In Height

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    • Easy To Assemble. Easy To Fill
    • 174cm Tall Freestanding Punchbag.
    • Made From High Density EVA Foam
    • The Best Cardio Money Can Buy!


FREESTANDING PUNCHBAG – The Best Cardio Money Can Buy!

The Phoenix Fitness free standing Punch Bag is carefully constructed with a fillable vinyl plastic base and a Faux Leather Covered High Density EVA Foam body!

With it’s small footprint this punchbag will take up minimal room in your home gym, but will give you maximum results when it comes to building strength and cardio.

Easy to assemble, and fill. No tools required, all you require is provided except the sand or water to create the added weight.

Do I need any tools to assemble?
No, the punch bag comes in two parts. Base, and bag. The bag and base slot nicely together meaning no needs for spanners, screwdrivers or mallets to assemble this Punchbag. There is a screw on central spring that has threads either side. This is threaded to the base, and locked in with a spring loaded clip. This same screw on central spring then screws to the bags itself and again is locked in place with another spring loaded clamp.

Does the base come weighted?
No. The base comes empty. However Phoenix Fitness have really thought about how this punch bag is design and they have ensured it is an easy central fill point. This allows you to make your choice around whether you’d prefer to use sand or water.

Should I fill my freestanding punchbag base with sand or water?
This depends on how you would like to use the punchbag. Ours at Buds Fitness HQ is filled with sand, and the reason for this is we want minimal movement, and we tend to use it more as a heavy bag, than a skills punch bag with that said filling with water will allow for more movement, and will help you work on agility, reactions and footwork.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 90 × 56.5 × 176 cm

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