Venum, 54″ Running Parachute Perfect For Speed, Endurance & Strength Training

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    • Build Endurance And Strength Whilst Running.
    • Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use. Easy To Store.
    • 54″ Running Parachute.


Are you looking to increase your work rate, and fire up your acceleration? Then the Venum Running Parachute is the training tool for you.

A running parachute is designed for all athletes who drills for explosive power and speed at the same time, which can help increase muscular endurance, improve your stamina and allow you to accelerate faster. Using a running parachute can at up to 14kg (30lb) of resistance depending on the speed you accelerate.

Easy To Set Up. Easy To Use. Easy To Store and no tools required to set up.

Parachute diameter: 137 cm / 54 inches.
Parachute material: 100% Polyester

How does a running parachute work?
A running parachute works similarly to a traditional parachute you may see in the sky for those who jump from planes. They use wind resistance to inflate the parachute creating a pull on the band that is attached to your waist. The wind resistance acts as a pulling force against the runner, and the faster you accelerate the more the parachute will pull.

What are the benefits to using a running parachute?
There are many benefits to using a running parachutes, but the important benefits to you will differ depending on your desired end result.

For example, if you are training for a sport that requires explosive speeds such as football, basket ball or sprinting then you would use the parachute to develop your fast-twitch muscle fibres.

Should you be looking to build strength and endurance you would use the running parachute slightly differently, working less at full speed but do gradual speed build up runs and then the benefits to you will be building the slow-twitch muscle fibres which will help build endurance and strength.

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