Playwell, Non-slip Weightlifting Hook Straps


    • Neoprene Wrist Support.
    • Non-Slip J Hook Design.
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Cheat code to a heavier deadlift.

The Playwell Weightlifting Hook Straps are non-slip rubber coated steel shaped into a J-Hook which are attached to a moisture wicking gel padded Velcro fastened wrist support strap.

Hook Straps are designed to provide a consistent connection to the bar, which will not loosen as you go through the reps. When using lasso design weightlifting straps, you are still reliant on your forearm strength and subject to grip fatigue. A hook strap eliminates all of that as the J-Hook shape wraps around the bar.

Can you use J-Hook, Hook Straps in a competition?
This will differ from event to event and sport to sport so we would always recommend checking with the event promoter in advance of the competition. In our experience in the Strongman community they have never been sanctioned for use at an event but there is no reason for that other than Strongman is more about your strength and not that of the equipment.

Should I use Weightlifting Hook Straps instead of Lasso straps?
No. Lasso straps are essential in our gym bags, and for the small costs, and the room they take up we would always recommend investing in a pair of lasso straps. We would then recommend purchasing hook straps to complement your lifting and enable you to be more targeted to muscle groups. For example if you are a Body Builder and specifically looking to target your lats on the lat pull down, by slipping on a pair of Hook Straps you will be able to focus more on your lats and think less about your grip on the bar allowing your to pull more, and be more targeted.

If you are interest in lasso straps we have a number of great options from Playwell, RDX and TUFF Wraps:

TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Cotton Lifting Straps With Neoprene – All Black

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