Phoenix Fitness, Push Up Bar And Parralletes For Home Use


    • Anti-Slip Rubber Base Prevents Skidding.
    • Non Slip Densely Padded Foam Handles.
    • Push Up Bar Come As Pair.

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Phoenix Fitness Push Up Bar is a great way to improve your chest and shoulder strength from the comfort of you own home. Essential product for any sporty person. The are lightweight and compact enough to store under your bed or behind the sofa, meaning there is no excuse to not using them.

These push up bars can be used for performing incline press ups and dips, but also can be used for certain calisthenic exercises. You are able to perform Pike Press Ups, L Sits and hand stands if your core strength is strong enough.

You don’t have to go to the gym five days a week, or have fancy equipment to get a strong chest. With push up bars, you can develop your pectorals (chest), your triceps, your front and rear deltoids (shoulders) as well as strengthening your core strength.

For less than £10 you can progress your strength!

These Phoenix Fitness Push Up Bars come complete with non-slip foam handles for additional grip and comfort for your hands as well as being fitted with rubber end caps that ensure your floor surface is protected and to ensure the push up bars remain routed to the floor when performing advances mores such as L Sits and Pike Press Ups.

Stable design, with widened base and rubberised soles meaning these push up bars are truly anti slip.

Measurements of the bars:
Handle Width: 11cm
Handle Thickness: 4cm
Handle Length: 25.5cm
Depth: 16cm
Heigh: 10cm

What muscles are worked when completing Incline Push Ups?
In short, the incline push up will target your middle to low pectoral (chest) whilst reducing the pressure on your shoulders and triceps. When beginners start secondary muscles such as triceps can be that last to develop so adding incline push ups can help them develop their strength without the limitations lead by the secondary muscle group/

Are incline push ups easier?
Yes they can be, as simple physics apply. By bringing your hands higher than your feet, you are shifting your body weight downwards meaning there is less off your bodyweight over the bars.

With that said of course you can increase the difficult of using these Push Up Bars by either widening, or narrowing the positioning of the Push Up Bars. You can also add more reps to your sets, and more sets to continue progressing with your push up game.


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