Phoenix Fitness, 10 Loop Stretch Strap. Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Rehab and Physical Therapy. Orange

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    • Improve flexibility
    • Stretch Safely and Effectively
    • 99cm Long – 10 loops

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When taking part in any form of physical fitness Buds Fitness, appreciates just how important stretching is. With Phoenix Fitness 10 loop stretch strap you will be able to get deeper with gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control and effectiveness than you would with a stretch strap.

The Phoenix Fitness 10 Loop Stretch Strap is designed to provide you with a safer way to slowly improve the depth of your stretch, and to do so in a measurable way. These stretch straps are incredibly versatile can also be used when stretching, during Yoga, Pilates or Physical Therapy. Due to the gradual increments through the loop system, you are able to edge yourself towards an improved level of flexibility over time.

Why is stretching important?
It is always important to stretch to reduce the likelihood of muscle or joint strain. Within our field of reference within a gym, around lifting heavy weights we would recommend stretching post work out whilst your muscles are warm. When peaking for a deadlift, or digging deep for a sandbag or atlas stone personal best as you are using your lower body, and particularly your hamstrings to thrust the weight up. This Phoenix Fitness Stretch band then becomes your post workout best friend, as you can slowly release the muscle fibre as it is pulled out to its full length sarcomere by sarcomere, and then the connective tissue can take up the remaining slack. When this occurs, it helps to realign any disorganized fibres in the direction of the tension, which in turn helps recover the muscle group you were training.

Best stretch for your hamstrings?
One stretch that we value highly very highly at Buds Fitness post heavy deadlifts, sandbag or atlas stone workout is the leg raise hamstring stretch. We would recommend preforming the stretch on an exercise or yoga mat for additional support and comfort during your stretch as often gym floors can be quite firm.

  1. Lay your mat on the floor, and lay flat on your back with your rear delts firmly against the mat.
  2. With one leg in a bent position for stability, and you back flat on the ground, lay the leg you will start stretching straight on the mat.
  3. Wrap your Phoenix Fitness Stretch Strap around your hands at the desired length.
  4. Ease your stretching leg slowly into the air, leaving a slight kink at the know to allow you to apply the strap around your foot.
  5. Safely hook your strap around the sole of your foot, aiming to position the strap around the arch of your foot.
  6. Slowly now extent your leg to straighten as much as you can, attempting where possible to ensure your heel is in a straight line from your hip.
    (Ensure you keep your stability leg remains bent with your foot flat on the floor at this stage)
  7. Once you are confident that you are feeling the stretch, hold in position for at least 30 seconds.
  8. If you’d like to increase the depth of the stretch, you can straighten your stability leg.
    (Recommended for those who are used to flexibility work)
  9. When you have completed one leg, slowly release out of the stretch.
  10. Repeat process on your other leg.

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