Phoenix Fitness, Triceps Pushdown High Quality Black V Bar Attachment


    • High Grade Heavy Duty Steel Construction.
    • Number 1 Cable Attachment For Bigger Triceps!
    • Universal Design, Will Fit ALL Cable Set Ups.

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The secret key to bigger triceps!

Constructed of solid steel for more durability complete with textured rubber coating handle that provides a more ergonomic & secured grip during your workout workout.

With welded on flat plates on the bottom of either side of the V shape attachment you will feel completely secure in your triceps push downs allowing you to rack up the weight to all new levels.

This V-Shaped Bar includes a point for attaching onto and with a standard carabiner clip making this V-Shaped Bar universally designed for ANY cable pulley set up. Simply clip the carabiner through the attachment hole and attached the carabiner your pulley cable set up.

What makes a V-Bar better than a straight bar cable attachment for your triceps?
The Triceps Pushdown V Bar is angled perfectly for higher level of activation particularly in the lateral head. Though Rope attachments pushdowns are good, nothing can compete to a V-Bar Triceps push down. Being made from solid steel the V-Bar ensures your form remains strict giving you strong and steady foundations to add more weight that you would potentially be able to do through a rope attachment push down.

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