Phoenix Fitness, Narrow Grip Revolving Handle Row Attachment


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    Take Your Seated Rows To A New Level

    This Phoenix Fitness Revolving Handle oozes quality! Constructed from high-quality solid steel with electrophoresis coating. Complete with non slip textured rubber coated handles to secure your grip you truly can accelerate your performance as the ergonomic & sturdy handle provides a balanced force to both arms

    Build your lats, traps, biceps, rhomboids, serratus muscles… and basically every other muscle in your upper body with this nifty bit of kit. Suitable for any gym, home gym or fitness studio the attachment has a small print making it a great product to add versatility to your workout on your cable pulley machine.

    What Is Revolving Handle Row Attachment for?
    Widely used for close grip pull downs and low cable rows. Though the narrow grip revolving handle is a truly versatile piece of equipment that will unquestionably add thickness to your traps, and Rhomboids in particular.

    Why is the centre not welded into position?
    By having a revolving centre on these narrow grip row attachments, it reduces stress on the user’s wrists, which ensures you can can maximise your lifts with minimal secondary muscle group fatigue.

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