Urban Fitness, PRO Hex Dumbbells Perfect For Home Workouts


    • Anti-Roll Hexagonal Design.
    • Perfect For Home Workouts.
    • Sold As Pairs!
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PRO HEX DUMBBELLS! Anti-Roll, Highly Durable and Perfect For Home Workouts!

The Urban Fitness Pro Hex Dumbbells make the perfect home workout Buddy! The hexagonal shape allows you to place them down during sets and know they will not roll away.

Hex Dumbbells are a staple in any gym, be that commercial gyms, independent gyms or home gym. Designed to be easy to use and easy to store. The hexagonal designs allows these dumbbells to be stacked neatly, or stores under a bed safe in the knowledge they will not roll out.

The chrome handle is complete with contoured knurling making these Hex Dumbbell easy to grip, and will prevent unnecessary movement when you are using them.

On each end there is a thick layer of TPU Rubber, that surrounds a Cast Iron weight which means these weights making them extremely durable and shock absorbing.

What sizes do they come in?
At Buds Fitness we are currently ranging 5kg pairs, 10kg pairs, 15kg pairs and 20kg pair.

Are you looking for something lighter?
If you are looking for some lighter weight alternatives that still come with the durability and anti-roll designs we also offer Neoprene Dumbbells;

Myga, Neoprene Soft Touch Solid Cast Iron Dumbbells.

Additional information

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10kg – Pair (20kg), 15kg – Pair (30kg), 20kg – Pair (40kg), 5kg – Pair (10kg)

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