Myga, Neoprene Soft Touch Solid Cast Iron Dumbbells.


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    Ideal for home use, and sold in pairs!

    These easy to store and stack, cast iron neoprene covered dumbbells are the perfect way to build strength at home.

    If you want to create a solid home workout, then Neoprene hexagonal dumbbells are for you. Available in a number of sizes and colours, they will not only do the job but they won’t leave the house looking untidy either.

    The neoprene coating is both grippy, and sweat resistance meaning than whilst performing lateral front raises you shouldn’t lose grip at the top.

    What size and colours are they available in:

    3kg dumbbell pair in Turquoise.
    4kg dumbbell pair in Yellow.
    5kg dumbbell pair in Light Blue.
    6kg dumbbell pair in Peach.
    7kg dumbbell pair in Pink.
    8kg dumbbell pair in Coral.

    Prefer something a little lighter?

    If you’d like slightly light home workout dumbbells we do also stock the Phoenix Fitness, pink Neoprene dumbbells in both 1kg and 2kg.

    Phoenix Fitness, Neoprene Dumbbell Weight In Pink.

    Looking for something heavier?

    We have a great range of heavy duty, anti roll Hexagonal Dumbbells available in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 20kg pairs.

    Phoenix Fitness, Anti-Roll Hexagonal Heavy Duty Rubber Dumbbells

    Additional information

    Weight N/A

    3kg – Pair (6kg), 4kg – Pair (8kg), 5kg – Pair (10kg), 6kg – Pair (12kg), 7kg – Pair (14kg), 8kg – Pair (16kg)

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