RDX, Gym Ab Straps For Pull Up Bar. Matte Blue

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  • Nylon Strap with Hook and Loop for secure fastening.
  • Neoprene Jacket/Grip – 6mm Neoprene internal for a soft yet grippy hold.
  • Powder Coated D-Ring Hook and Carabiner for shackling with hooks.

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The RDX F6 Gym Ab Straps for Pull Up Bar will take your core training to another level.

The ab straps create a sling crafted from maya hide leather, with adjustable nylon straps and double powder coated D Rings and Carabiner clips. They truly are built to last, and design with long-lasting durability in mind.

Sold as a pair, they will ensure that grip is not the determining factor behind your end results. The ab straps are designed to help support your upper body weight whilst performing controlled leg raises and round the worlds.

What do ab straps do?
Ab straps are an effective way of ensuring maximum efficiency during you hanging exercises to maximize core abdominal activation. Ab straps are designed to allow you to elevate your body weight comfortable to perform a thoroughly optimised abdominal work out.

What makes ab straps so effective?
The reason using a set of straps is so effective is because you are suspending your body weight which engages your lats, shoulders, traps as well as your core. In gym’s where you may have a dib station with leg raise functionality, they often come with a back board. Now for the record there is nothing wrong with these either, however the ab straps will engage far more secondary muscles and for you to be more controlled to prevent a swinging motion.

The alternative we mentioned above is also available through our website and the link is below:

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Dimensions 18 × 34 × 6 cm

Black / Blue

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