TUFF WRAPS, Villain Liquid Chalk. For Maximum Grip In ALL Sports


    • 60% Extra grip, Ensuring Maximum Grip every time.
    • Fast drying
    • Sweat resistant

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Want to add a potential 60% performance to your grip?

Whether you are a gymnast, climber, strongman/strongwoman, cross-fit competitor, all round gym nut or into pole fitness then you will know the difference that decent grip can have on your performance.

So why not add 60% to your grip performance by simply applying a 5 pence size portion of Villain Liquid Chalk by Tuff Wraps to your hands.

Villain Liquid Chalk is the no nonsense, sweat resistant liquid chalk is designed to be a cleaner, and easy to carry alternative to block chalk.

How does the quality of Liquid Chalk compare to that of traditional block chalk?
Liquid chalk is longer lasting than block chalk meaning that fewer applications required in a work out. With block chalk you will need to re apply between every set just to maximise the grip. With Liquid chalk, one application can last for multiple sets meaning you will re apply a lot less. The actual grip performance of both liquid and traditional chalk is exception, both will yield impressive improvement to your grip game.

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