RDX, Open-finger Weight Lifting Gloves

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  • Enhanced grip.
  • Hand protection.
  • Washable gym gloves.


RDX W1 lifting gloves are made of the finest pure cotton terry material infused with lightweight, stretchable nylon mesh to maintain that dry, airy feel even during intense workouts. These gloves are complete with easy-pull finger release tags on the middle two fingers, and also a cotton towel finish on the thumb.

Complete with silicone grip and G-Foam padding inside, your palms get enhanced protection. These gloves are designed to provide you with a firmer grip and prevent skin calluses & blisters.

The RDX W1 lifting gloves come with elasticated nylon straps which support the wrist and keep it aligned even during high intensity gym trainings. Hook and loop closure mechanism is fully adjustable and can be modified to fit any wrist size. Never have smelly sweaty gym gloves again, the RDX W1 lifting gloves are made from washable material meaning they can be cleaned time, and time again.

The stretchable Nylon mesh will keep hand maintaining airflow and drawing away the moisture from the hand whilst the anti-slip silicone palm design with G-Foam padding inside, provides extra grip and protection from calluses and blisters

Using weight lifting gloves are an essential in certain gym environments as people consider the hygiene elements of a busy commercial gym, where cleaning not done as regularly as small independent gym. Not only this, but with many corporate and commercial gyms now banning liquid and loose chalk from being used the use of gloves can help you maintain your performance on your heavier lifts, where you may have traditionally used chalk.

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