TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Double Ply Elbow Sleeves. Black


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    TUFF WRAPS, TUFF Double Ply Elbow sleeves are designed to maximise your lift, whilst providing support to your joints.

    The double dense material are made from an optimum blend of material that will stretch and form to your elbow joints to follow the movement in your arms whilst carrying out your training.

    What is the difference between double ply elbow sleeves and neoprene elbow sleeves?
    Both are good for different reasons, and for different lifting goals. Double Ply is thinner, and less restrictive making whilst providing better stretch reflex and bounce  which can often help lifters press more. So if you are looking for a set of elbow sleeves that will help you maximise your lift and hit PB’s dual ply are for you. If you are more conscious of injury prevention, we’d recommend neoprene sleeves.

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