TUFF WRAPS, Villain Smelling Salts – Strength 2

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    • Competition Grade Smelling Salts.
    • More Potent Than Standard Smelling Salts.
    • Villain Smelling Salts Consists Of Ammonium Carbonate.

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Introducing TUFF WRAPS most popular Smelling Salts. The Villain smelling salts are designed to enhance focus and give you the kick you need just before your most significant lift! Often referred to as Ammonia Inhalants, Smelling Salts are to be

Smelling salts are like shots of adrenaline. The provide a short sharp kick to your system that will yield increased levels of energy, focus and will increase your heart rate. It is believed that the ammonia gasses within Smelling Sales can result in your fight or flight senses kicking in.

In the world of Strongman, Olympic lifting and powerlifting Smelling Salts are a popular tool. The Villain Smelling Salts, Strength 2 is more potent than strength 1, but still offers that offers the right amount of boost without causing your nose and eyes to stream or is so strong that you lose focus when inhaled responsibly.

What do smelling salts do?
Villain Smelling Salts release a gas called ammonia. When inhaled, smalling sales can increase breathing, increase heart rate, and which can trigger your fight flight senses that in turn will ensure you can deliver your maximum performance. The results of inhaling the smelling salts will vary depending on factors such as, distance from your nose, length of time the bottle has been open, and of course your bodies general reaction.

What are the salts made of?
Villain Smelling Salts consists of ammonium carbonate, so there is nothing to worry about spilling. It is common for some Smelling Salts on the market to Aqua Ammonia-based, but not the TUFF WRAPS, Villain Smelling Salts!

Are Smelling Salts Safe?
Yes, when used appropriately and not abused Smelling Salts are perfectly safe. Smelling salts were first used in the 13th Century and they were used to revive people who had fainted, or stunned. As with anything though, they can of course be abused and with miss-use can cause damage

*Smelling Salts are non refundable

*Smelling Salts once opened do have a shelf life and will loose potency over time

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