RDX, Set Of Three Fabric Resistance Bands


    • 3 Bands with Varying Resistance
    • Multiple workouts and exercises
    • High Quality Material

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These RDX fabric resistance bands are lightweight and portable. When purchased they come complete with a breathable travel pouch that is great for both storage and your travels, meaning that no matter where you may be, you can always increase the intensity of your work out with RDX Fabric Resistance Bands.

Made from durable poly-cotton, with a silicon strip on the inside, these resistance bands are built to help you become the best version of you. The inner silicon strip has been purposefully designed to prevent movement of the band mid movement, meaning no matter how many sets you do, the resistance band should stay in place and provide consistent resistance.

Five useful exercises detailed and explained in a foldable leaflet inside the packaging. These RDX latex free fabric resistance bands are versatile and durable.,

The RDX Light fabric resistance band has a total length of 660.4mm and weight-bearing capacity from 14 to 25lbs.

The RDX Medium fabric resistance band has a total length of 762mm and weight-bearing capacity of 25 to 35lbs.

The RDX Heavy fabric resistance band has a total length of 863.6mm and weight-bearing capacity of 40 to 50lbs strength.

Conversion from lb to kg.

Orange band,
14lb = 6.4kg
25lb = 11.3kg

Green band,
25lb = 11.4kg
35lb = 15.9kg

Blue band,
40lb = 18.1kg
50lb = 22.7kg

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