Myga, Wooden Tumbling Tower With A Junior Yoga Twist!

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    • Tumbling Tower With A Yoga Twist.
    • 60 Individual bricks, with unique poses.
    • Perfect Party Game!

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Did you play Jenga as a Child? (other tumbling tower games are available)

Well Myga brings you Jenga / tumbling tower with a Yoga Twist!

The original tumbling towers used to come with 54 blocks. Myga have added two additional layers giving you 60 colourful wooden blocks, and meaning 60 yoga poses to play around with. Though of course Tumbling Tower is a great family fun game,  you can play solo to test your hand eye co ordination, concentration levels, and also your yoga poses. All this makes this an ideal home school break activity, or post cost stretch out.

Traditional games like brick block tumbling towers are great for families, friends,  parties, or even as a solo game and we are delighted that Myga have added that Yoga element to it. This will aid all that are playing in experimenting with new poses, and also encourage a greater understand of what your body can do whilst you are being challenged to perform new poses that you’d potentially ordinarily avoid.

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