Myga, Junior Yoga Dice.

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    • 12 unique poses
    • Large foam dice
    • Child Friendly

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We love our Yoga dice at Buds Fitness. The Adult variant is very popular with newlyweds and active friendship groups. Having three children ourselves these Junior Yoga dice are an ideal way to bring our children into the world of Yoga and Mindfulness without it being too intense.

Believe us when we say, children need yoga just as much as adults do. Yoga can spark the curiosity of your child. Yoga encourages your young ones to understand their body more, and the flexibility their body has whilst also practicing mindfulness.

Studies show that Yoga can help those with ADHD. It is proven that the focus on breathing techniques and calming nature of the poses can help ease ADHD symptoms. Often the idea of a full yoga session for someone with ADHD could be quite daunting, however the game element that comes with these fun Yoga dice keeps everyone engaged, and ensures that attention can be held for short bursts instead of attempting, long poses.


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